My TO-DO: Get in Local Public Office

(1) Get familiar: Site InfoGOAL, core books and site tools


(2) Find appointive/advisory office vacancies via e,g. local government site.


(3) Start action item I like. Know & share best practices, wins at GOAL. Repeat.


P. S. Why are personal phones the project symbol?  To show how the increasingly Libertarian-based free market (which includes voluntary communist, intentional, religious, etc. communities) evolves, as we help you get coercive regulations  out of your way.

Libertarian Program/GOAL Libertarians, Liberal Centrists, & Greens help you to...                  remove blocks and share info on rights-based, voluntary tools:

Direct Democracy...

Tool #1: Help you enjoy Citizen Direct Democracy e.g. Switzerland,  US States.

Voluntary Green Tools... Libertarian Green farmer shares tips over the web, targets silly rules...

Coalitions for Fair Elections...

Libertarian & Green movement & project Co-founder M. Gilson-De Lemos (MG)

Philosophy of Liberty Intro...

Libertarian Mayor on how to do it...


Late adviser Nobelist Milton Friedman, served on appointive board to end the draft, welcomes you with

Free to Choose

Facilitator Kennon Gilson,

(shown here in first of 5 public offices, including County Youth Committee, as  Libertarian teen )says...

"If I can, so can you."

David Nolan, Late Project Adviser

Take his Quiz and share with peers.

"Our initial goal is 30 participants in local public offices per million population, worldwide. New Hampshire and Pinellas, Florida have exceeded that. So can you!"