What This Is...

We're the Libertarian International Organization and Liberal League autonomous non-partisan public administration project, of its civic movement founders.

We aid more use of Libertarian voluntary tools in public administration to better rights, choice, results.

How? We discuss prosperous jury-based, federalist, no income tax or draft, encourage local variants, secular direct-democracies like Florida for a world of peaceful Floridas. Within those, we encourage fair hearing on legalizing local LIO Libertarian (or similar) model eco-home/eco-villages—flexible punishment-free, prepped, sustainable home/communities suitable as both cradles of innovation and bulwarks of conservation--for those who desire them. We discuss and share experiences in using their features as betterment tools e.g. hyper-tolerance, eco-zones, user-developed free markets, voluntary/no taxes, etc. This process is  well advanced in many countries, with people of all parties. We offer 3 Toolkits as a guide for: eco-democracy, federalism, localism to empower you, the citizen.

We help you become oriented  to get in local and primarily appointive  non-partisan public office as Libertarians (Libertarian Program) or interested people (Government Officials Association on Libertarianism.). In the US alone, over 95% of public offices are not elective but adlective—appointive or volunteer—and the training ground for both elective and social-private leaders and facilitators. Examples: Neighborhood boards, selectmen, jurors, judges, advisory boards for libraries, parks, police, youth, tax board, etc. Don’t vote for us: Be us.

We’re all-volunteer, and neither give nor receive funds. We encourage candidates to run no/low-budget by-petition campaigns (to build their following d-base and engage constituents and neighbors). We’re the emergent professional association for Libertarian Public Officials and those interested in Libertarian tools. While our founders developed Libertarian-direction, Green, and revived Liberal parties as public conveniences, participants are evenly distributed across all parties--interested in voluntary and rights-based approaches that empower the citizen. We help your direct say via juries, localism, markets, direct democracy.

In due course we would like to help you start informal local resource networks of Libertarian-conversant public officials of all views. Participants are advised to ‘3C’ focus on attacking problems, not people; and have a voluntary proposal at hand.

We know from experience that over 18 years or less a community of 1 million can develop and train 30 Libertarians/pro-libertarians in public office, with dramatic results, and themselves engaging several hundred officials of all parties in Libertarian Program tools. We encourage this 1st milestone: 30 in primarily local and appointive public office in such communities ( e.g. 3-5 per 100,000, or 600 in a state/nation of 20 million, etc.). We also encourage being in several offices where a good job can be done, and note that the main people appointing (and electing) centrist Libertarian board majorities are non-Libertarians who like what we do.

Participation is free.

Our Project Symbol...


...is the evolution of personal communication devices. They're a means of quickly explaining what we help do.

Once most countries had coerced phone monopolies by law. These were expensive and retarded progress. No choice. Even hooking computers to phones was a crime in many countries.

Libertarians sounded crazy when they fought to end the monopolies, restore rights to chose, and predicted people would carry the equivalent of their own phone companies. 

Then more choice came. You now have a 1971 Trillion dollar national phone system + internet in your pocket.

You're welcome.

Now, not crazy. That's the device today, far more powerful than entire phone systems of the past...and moving forward with more free services and better quality.

We discuss with you how to take this model to all areas:


  1. Review all rules for rights, participation, and user-friendliness
  2. Re-open legalizing private and personal options, eco-tools
  3. Restructure away coercive elements e.g. forced taxes


Nationally we share dialogues and people-power tools towards a world of Floridas—championed by Libertarians—of local autonomy, direct democracy, and no income tax: democracy, federalism, localism...