Choose a Toolkit for continual improvement

Toolkit #1

> Libertarian-Oriented:  Rights-Based Democracy

/Liberal (Start Improvement)

>  Book: Seamless City

> Ideas:

> Themes: Community brainstorms, consensus, autonomous communities

Toolkit #2

> Libertarian Direction:  Small is beautiful Federalism  (User-driven and ongoing betterment )

> Book: Voluntary City,


> Themes: Continual presentation, improvement via proven or promising voluntary programs

LIO Libertarian-based: Toolkit #3 to help localism/user-based solutions


Highly Libertarian homes and eco-communities are hyper-tolerant, sustainable, and efficient--and populated by L/libertarians. They're meant to be adaptable to anyone: Our participants work so the features- e.g. LGBT, privatized low-cost options , large eco-spaces, rights-reviews, condominium laws, etc.--are legalized as quickly as public assent and understanding allows. Many use them to discuss and live the LIO SMILE approach ), experiment with new lifestyles, and conserve old ones without centralized mandates.


Thus many are adapting the concept, starting with MacCallum's Art of Community. The LIO urges homes to be punishment-free, pod-based ('adopt' families in need), prepped (3P). Many work so cities welcome these self-governing or governmentless adaptations.  Projects include legalizing and spreading:  Endowment-funding instead of taxes often with guaranteed income,  urban mini-farms,  HOA's, social entrepreneurship, co-ops.

Examples of adaptation include the highly autonomous condominiums of Florida (libertarian wrote the condo law), co-housing, and thought-provoking intentional models as