Sample advisory board links:

Typically, search under "boards" in your local website, or ask public clerk:

>St. Petersburg, FL, USA

>Neighborhood Boards

>Barcelona, Spain (Consejos ciudadanos/vecindarios)

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What Libertarian-interested public officials are looking at now...

Who, Wins...


Julie Chorgo helped develop total trinary privatization of schooling in Florida ( common, private, & home schools)  and serves on e.g. Home School Boards to mentor parents.
Library Board: Kira Gilson served on the local Library system Teen Advisory Board and helped propose several successful efficiency measures.
Cut punishment, cut crime with granny boards: After serving on several boards, Art Olivier was elected mayor and introduced Libertarian de-emphasis of lifestyle crimes, exposed corruption and got people into programs via 'granny' intervention boards, cutting crime 50%. He is a Libertarian in the US Democratic party.
Libertarians are 10% of Congress in Costa Rica: and many in appointive offices countrywide including a long-term project for a libertarian-based province, says Otto Guevara. Wins: Work on LGBT, ending proposed seizure of beach homes, and more.
Pinellas, Florida: Cable board member Bill Sachs led wins in converting jails to homeless shelters at taxpayer savings, election transparency, legalizing cable choice, and restoring felon voting rights.
Scott McPherson says he was active in numerous boards and projects, was asked to run for mayor in a non-partisan election where he proposed several Libertarian tools, won, and as mayor led his town through efficiencies during the economic crisis.
DEMOCRACY, federalism, localism. Case: South Sudan. GOAL participant Libertarian-interested Daniel Akol Diing has a very interesting project:  Help lead his country to independence (done), serve in public office writing the Constitution (done), also serve helping all political parties work together towards democracy, understanding, parliamentary and other good practice in a non-partisan way (done), and now (2015)publicizing the problem of antiquated US and other trade restrictions with his country so as to get the economy rolling with a little free trade and investment (ongoing.)
Basic Rights, Basic Health: LIO Fellow, Libertarian Program/GOAL adviser Lee Jong Wook . was appointed head of WHO where he facilitated vaccination and clean water campaigns, calls for best practices  and basic rights, and proposed deregulations of health.
Transparency, election fairness: The pro-libertarian/liberal Civic Party movement in Belarus is working for clean elections, non-discrimination against small parties, transparency.
No more coercive taxes. We lead the way in proposing voluntary taxes, or replacement via permanent funds/endowments that may also generate basic income as we did in Alaska.
Privatized cities: Sandy Springs, Georgia, USA is one experiment of seeking free/lower cost services for all via privatizing /quasi-privatizing the entire government. With a population of about 100,000 the experiment is repeatable and improvable for many small countries, and large counties/regions and cities. Book.

Cut costs/ taxes 50%, raise choice, quality 100% ...Result: Over twice as much for half the cost. This is typical as Libertarian Program participants lead the Mike Spalding and team on a Water Board, who're on their way there working with local citizens like you. He says: "I've been elected and re-elected to the local Water Board. It's a small office, but I and my compatriots have been able to hold down rate increases despite increasing costs. We've forgone any taxes at all."

The 3A's:

LIO Fellow Pres. Ronald Reagan led the way for many, here in the White House appointing one of many pro-Libertarians to public office. Libertarian Program/GOAL participants focus on non-partisan local office, and advisory appointive boards. How? Use the 3 A's:

>Appear: Check out local boards you may be interested in as a citizen monitor. Be courteous, make positive suggestions. Often people are invited to seek appointment after several visits. Help libertarian-interested candidates in campaigns who may appoint you, too. Often Neighborhood boards are looking for people willing to work.

>Apply: Follow the procedure.

>Act: Upon appointment or selection, be nice, let people know in your area what you're doing, and realize often small gains lead to important changes. And tell us of your wins: this data will go into our best practice journal and inspire others.

Sample appointive (adlective) offices

>Judge, juror

>District Attorney/prosecutor

>Sister City Board

>Tax reduction


>Soil & Water/Ecology

>Library, parks, & other amenities

>School Boards

>Citizen advisory councils

>Quango's (Public/private)

>Draft board

>US President

Remember to use the 3 C's:

>Calm: Be honest, the voice of reason. Attack problems, not people.

>Consensus: Bring people together

>Competence: On voluntary alternatives being used now, and the basics of your position seeing that rights/proper procedure is followed. Let people know of your work, and create a local following.

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